Education remains the central means of the advancement of our youth. With cuts and challenges in the public education system, it is more important than ever for community organisations to support parents and young people to build their capacity to learn and succeed at school

We provide

Educational Webinars dedicated to both Teachers and Parents

Incidents in school

Any incident within a school can have a fractious effect, disrupting both directly and indirectly involved pupils, and potentially becoming a source of resentment if the situation is not resolved satisfactorily.

With Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) children making up 3% of students in state primary schools and around 2% of pupils in secondary schools 1  (a number that is set to rise steadily year on year for the foreseeable future), ensuring cultural harmony among this growing student population is essential in securing a brighter, better future for all.

We have found that an increasing amount of work within schools is focused on homophobic and transphobic hate crime, as we try to both help victims, and raise awareness amongst their peers about what it means to be gay or transgender.
Sometimes, our work in schools is the outcome of supporting individual students (and their parents) who have been the victim of a hate crime. We can offer support through restorative justice, attending meetings, working with perpetrators (and/or victims), and even help institutions create or update their policies and procedures regarding hate crime.

ACSS are  available to mediate disputes between all involved in the teaching process, be that students, teachers or parents.

Classroom sessions

Our education team is well equipped for delivering within a classroom setting. These sessions allow for a more indepth look at hate crime. We use a range of teaching and learning techniques to deliver sensitive topics in a safe, interactive and engaging way. Our education team can address any of the hate crimes e.g. racist, disablist, homophobic bullying through these session. In addition, we offer ‘cultural carousels’ which offers an insight into two or more cultures and is a fun, informal exploration of difference and diversity.
As well as our casework and training services, we also have a mission to prevent and deter hate crime offending. We deliver a number of interventions to schools and other educational establishments that cover issues such as hate crime, equality, diversity and humans rights issues. We are experienced in providing sessions relevant to the multitude of religious and cultural events that take place throughout the year; from Diwali to IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia), we are able to provide an informative and entertaining session capable of both raising awareness and educating pupils. Previous sessions have touched on:

Black History Month

Black History Education