African Caribbean Society of Scotland

ACSS works towards a prejudice free society where everyone is treated with respect, integrity and justice in places of work,health and education.


ACSS is a Strategic Racial equality Charity focusing on issues faced by the African and Afro Caribbean  community here in Scotland. Our mission is to provide support and guidance in areas such as Education, Health, Well being, Economic empowerment and Politics.

Our Vision

ACSS strives to be an organisation which embodies the principles of
transparency, integrity,and  mutual co-operation being the voice of the
diaspora and to establish lasting relationships in Scotland to allow for our contribution to be equally rewarded.

Our Services


Our highly experienced trainers deliver courses to help improve mental health for individuals and groups.

Our mental health programmes are focused on

* Engaging with the African and Afro Caribbean community to prioritise mental


The Charity Foundation provides unmatched transparency and accountability to all of our donors by publishing frequent reports on how we use donations.